English Catechism

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Dear Parents and Children

What a challenging year 2020 has been. I am sure we ail look forward to a calmer new year. I would first like to thank all the students, sponsors and parents who made their first confession, first communion and confirmation these past few weeks. Congratulations to you all. To those newly confirmed please remember that we hope to see you in church on a regular basis to participate in the,
Faith you have just pledged. Many thanks, of course to our great teachers who have worked so hard this year. For those students from Mr. Curran's class who will make a public profession of faith this month I look forward to seeing and hearing you at thé 12 noon mass.
For all students and parents who will continue with us into the new year I am sure you will want the schedule for this winter and spring. The following dates have been scheduled for classes:

December Ist 2020
December 15th 2020
Christmas Holidays
January 12th 2021
January 26th 2021
March 9th 2021
March 16th 2021
March 30th 2021
April 6th 2021
May 4th 2021
May 26th 2021
June 7th 2021
Confirmation to be on the 30th of May 2021 and first Communion on the 13th of June with Confession on the 12th. We are planning that these sacraments will be offered with the students from the French Language program at mass at 10 AM as we did this fall. Profession of Faith will still be at thé English 12 noon mass, date TBA. Of course we may be forced to alter some dates depending on conditions this spring but I am sure we all hope for a more predictable 2021.
Thank you for your cooperation and participation,

Fr. Marc